Instant Oats & Quinoa Ponganalu (Paniyaram)

Instant Quinoa Oats Ponganalu – are very healthy, protein and fiber rich, Quick, easy and tasty. They are crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. This recipe needs no soaking or fermentation. This is a diabetic friendly and also helps in loosing weight. I used sooji in this recipe. You may…

ThriMadhuram Prasadam

ThriMadhuram means three amruthams or amrtas used in Hindu worship which basically consists of honey, misri (patika bellam or crystalized sugar), jaggery. ThriMadhuram is one of my most favorite sweets. Very very easy to make and no cooking needed at all. Ready in 10-15 mins. This prasadam is very famous in Phalani Murugan temple. This…

Best HomeMade Salsa

 Best Homemade Salsa Recipe – This 5 minute beautiful, vibrant and colorful fresh salsa with all the raw veggies is very healthy, vegan and gluten-free. This is a must-have homemade restaurant-style Salsa and is one of my most frequently made recipes for snacks in the evenings! This homemade salsa recipe is very quick and very easy to make….

Tomato Chaat|Tomato Slice Chaat

Is this a salad – a snack – a street food !!!??? Confused? This is a salad -type of snack, topped with raw onion, spices and puffed rice, giving a real delight to the taste buds with a crunchy, spicy, savory and tangy taste. It is nutritious, healthy and a good time pass snack. For…

Instant Quinoa Oat Idli

This Healthy, gluten-free idlis are instant and protein and fiber rich. wholesome meal for your family in just minutes.

Tomato Dosa

Tomato Dosa – If you are bored of the traditional Dosa, you shall definitely give it a try to this tangy twist to the normal dosa. This dosa is vegan and gluten free. This scrumptious Tomato Dosa needs no fermentation of batter. The tanginess of the tomato itself is enough for the batter and red…

Garlic Pepper Rice

Garlic Rice is a simple and easy recipe you can make with left over rice. This is the first thing that me and my daughter can think of when we have left over rice at our house. This is my mother’s recipe. Enjoying this quick, yummy rice since childhood because of our love towards garlic….