About us

Namasthe, WELCOME!!

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog, which has pure vegetarian recipes, mostly Indian and some world cuisine as well. These are easy to understand and step by step recipes with pictures. This blog features of mostly Indian traditional recipes and very easy to make recipes. My recipes are meant to be quick yet healthy and delicious. Nothing fancy, nothing too difficult.

About me

I am Sirisha. I live in North Carolina, U.S.A. with my husband and 2 wonderful kids.

I am a home maker. I have been thinking of writing a blog about food and recipes for a long time. But here I am, in the direction of achieving my goals. But it is not an easy task for me. Because I have never shared any of my views or tastes with anyone except my family. This is a big step for me. I started cooking after I got married. Before marriage, I just knew a few simple recipes. After I came here immediately after my marriage, I had to try cooking including traditional family and hard to make recipes too by myself since no one is here to make them for me. I used to call (even now😉) my mom for every small detail while I was cooking. I used to have many questions and doubts even though I got all (well, most of them) recipes written in a book before coming here. Thanks to my mom for her patience.

Eventually I learned cooking not only the foods which my mom makes and other cuisines as well. I got many appreciations from many of our friends and family. Then I thought of sharing these recipes with everyone since my cooking is very simple and it may help many people who are new to cooking.

Besides cooking, I have lots of love and passion for singing Indian classical music, doing meditation, and reading books.

Comments and feedback are precious to me. Nothing can brighten my day other than when I hear positive feedback about the recipes that my readers/friends tried. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me some positive feed back and appreciation for my food and recipes. You can contact me through email at sirisfoodlab@gmail.com. Even if you have any doubts regarding any recipes here, you can ask me through mail, or post a comment. I will be glad to help you.