Paanakam and Vadapappu

Paanakam, Vadapappu – are offered to lord Sri Rama for Sri Rama Navami. Sri Rama Navami falls on the 9th day of Chaithra masam every year. As Sri Rama Navami is around the corner (when this recipe was posted), thought of posting the recipe for a traditional drink Paanakam here in my blog. All Hindus celebrate this day as a festival as this is Lord Sri Rama’s birthday.

Paanakam is also served as prasadam in temples. Paanakam has many nutritional values. This is the best thirst quencher and rich in antioxidants. Black pepper promotes digestion and helps reduce mucus and also help prevent colds.

Usually jaggery is used in this recipe. Misri/patika bellam can be substituted for jaggery. Lemon juice, salt, cardamom and edible camphor (paccha karpuram) can also be used in this recipe.

Vadapappu is rich in proteins, gives instant energy and easy on stomach. Kosambari is made with vadapappu (moong dal). Kosambari is served as prasadam on pooja, and also be served as a salad or snack.

Kosambari Recipe

How to make Panakam



  • Jaggery – 5 tsp, grated/powdered
  • Water – 1 cup (240 ml)
  • Black pepper corns – 8
  • Ginger powder/sonti – 1/8 tsp

step by step photo instructions

  1. Dissolve the grated or powdered jaggery in water, add dry ginger powder, crushed pepper. Stir everything well.

2. Serve chilled or it tastes great as it is!!!

Vadapappu: Soak moong dal/pesara pappu in water for at least 1 hr. Drain the water, add pepper powder, pinch salt, and grated coconut.


  1. You can also use lemon juice, salt, cardamom and edible camphor/pacha karpuram for varation. But when it is offered to god, do not add lemon juice.
  2. Thulsi/Basil leaves can be added.
  3. If you do not like to see pepper floating on that, you can strain the panakam.

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