Avocado Sandwich

Avocado Sandwich – this fresh and simple vegetarian sandwich is made with  avocado, tomato, cucumber, jalapenos and green chutney. Part of the distinctive taste of this sandwich comes from the green chutney I make. I don’t use mint in the green chutney I use for this recipe.

In my original version of this sandwich I was using mashed potato with spices instead of Avocado. It was a big hit. In this version, mashed potato is replaced with Avocado. Avocado version of the sandwich taste same as the other version but with more nutrition in it. Whenever I make and even talk about this sandwich, it reminds me of my dad. He loves this sandwich with avocado or potato. When he visits us, this is a must item in the menu.

Avocados are low in carbohydrates, which means they have little effect on blood sugar levels. They are also high in fiber. This makes Avocados a good choice for people with diabetes. They are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin and potassium. Vitamin E from avocados protects your skin. Most calories from avocado come from fat but healthy fats. 

How to make Avocado Sandwich



  • bread slices – 8
  • green chutney
  • avocado paste/slices
  • cucumber slices – 8
  • tomato slices – 8
  • jalapeno slices – 10 (optional)
  • butter

Step by step photo instructions

  1. Slice avocado, cucumber, tomato. Make green chutney. I am using vegan butter. Take 4 slices of bread, butter them. Apply green chutney on all slices. Turn on the sandwich maker/toaster. You see the red light.

2. Start layering avocado, cucumber, tomato. For spiciness you can add jalapenos. I am showing one with avocado paste, one with avocado slices. Cover with another slice. Now apply butter on top. When you see the green light on toaster, open it and place the sandwich in it buttered side down. Then apply butter on the top.

3. Close the lid. Cook till you see the green light or till the sandwich turns golden.

4. Serve with kettle cooked chips.


  1. Add more veggies if you like. eg: onion, capsicum..
  2. Can replace avocado with mashed potato masala.
  3. Can use white or wheat bread.

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  1. This is my family’s favorite sandwich….we all love this..😋

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