Strawberry Quinoa Spinach Salad

This Strawberry Spinach Quinoa Salad is perfect to make this spring and summer when berries are at their peak. It will also be a lovely salad to make for Mother’s Day. It can be served with brunch or dinner. This salad takes almost no time to make if you cook your quinoa ahead of time….

Majjiga Poori | ButterMilk Puri

Majjiga Poori – You might have tried regular puri/poori with wheat flour or bhatura with all purpose flour. But this poori with butter milk and rice flour is gluten-free and very simple to make in just 20 mins. Hint of sourness elevates the taste, adds in flavor and feast to your taste buds. Goes well…

Amruthaphalam | Rice&Coconut Amruthaphala | Rice Halwa | Rice Haibai

Amruthaphalam – with step by step photo instructions. Amruthaphalam is an authentic and traditional sweet/dessert recipe made with very few ingredients like rice, fresh coconut and jaggery. This gluten-free sweet is very easy to make and will be ready in just 20 mins. Jaggery is used for sweetness. Try this simple yummy recipe for anytime….

Tomato Dosa

Tomato Dosa – If you are bored of the traditional Dosa, you shall definitely give it a try to this tangy twist to the normal dosa. This dosa is vegan and gluten free. This scrumptious Tomato Dosa needs no fermentation of batter. The tanginess of the tomato itself is enough for the batter and red…